Ālāpanā in Rāga Mānji


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Vishaal Vishaal R Sapuram is a talented Carnatic (South Indian classical) vocalist and chitravina artiste. A child prodigy, he showed an innate aptitude towards music even as an infant, and was initiated into Carnatic music under Smt Karpagam Narayanan of Houston, U.S.A. at the age of three. At age six, he came under the tutelage of the internationally renowned Chitravina Shri N Ravikiran, under whose expert guidance Vishaal has rapidly emerged as a capable performing artiste. He has also had the good fortune of learning from Shri Ravikiran’s renowned father and guru, Chitravina Shri N Narasimhan.

At the age of nine, with the blessings of musical legends Semmangudi Shri Srinivasa Iyer and Smt D K Pattammal, Vishaal gave his first full concert as a vocalist at the Music Academy Madras. By age thirteen, Vishaal began to perform on the exquisite chitravina, the rare fretless lute, and became one of its few practitioners of today's generation. He has since performed at several prestigious venues across India, as well as in the USA, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, France, Sweden, and Norway. Vishaal has also performed with his guru Shri Ravikiran, Shri Abhishek Raghuram, and many other respected artistes, including in jugalbandis and fusion ensembles. He has played before and received the blessings of the world spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

An A-Grade artiste for All India Radio, Vishaal has won several accolades, including the Best Instrumentalist Award from the Music Academy Madras twice (2015 & 2017), the Gottuvadyam Narayana Iyengar Award from Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, a music scholarship from India Fine Arts (Austin, USA), ‘Isai Chemmal’ from Trinity Arts Festival Chennai, and ‘Pannisai Ilam Paridi’ from the Dr Kannappan-Vasuki Trust, and so on.

Vishaal began teaching music at age ten, and he has given lecture-demonstrations and workshops at the University of Texas (USA), University of Alabama (USA), the Temple of Fine Arts (Malaysia), and so on. He has developed a system for notating Carnatic music on the computer, which has been used in many books. Vishaal holds Bachelor’s degrees in Sanskrit and Economics, and certificates in Tamil and Business from the University of Texas (Austin, USA).

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